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When we close on a sale, we donate a portion of our proceeds to Casa De Mariposa. We are committed to raising $10,000 each year to help Casa provide resources & support to mothers who have decided to have her unborn baby. So who do YOU know considering making a move?! Refer your friends and family to our Team, it's easy!

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Dawn was Very Responsive

"As most people know buying a home is no easy task, Dawn helped me make this process quick and painless. I searched for over a month to find the perfect house for myself and my family, Dawn was very responsive when I wanted to look at lots of different homes. She was quick to respond and Dawn and her team treated me very well. I highly recommend using Dawn for your next home purchase."

Jack Dowdy

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4801 Lang Ave NE UNIT 110, Albuquerque, NM 87109, USA

(505) 225-1449

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