Why Offer a Guaranteed Sale Program?

One of the greatest challenges homeowners face when preparing to put their house on the market is whether to list it themselves or engage the services of a professional agent. The wrong choice could lead to months on the market with no offers or a disappointing sale with a much-reduced bottom line. The worst-case scenario would be two mortgages or no home at all! This is where our program comes in. We’re so secure in its efficacy that it never changes. It has been honed over the years yielding an exclusive, effective marketing plan that achieves the results you desire.

Is this a gimmick?

Absolutely not! It is a series of steps and techniques that surpasses traditional marketing methods. Our tried and true content marketing strategy is a proven entity in this market, and includes our formula of social outreach, video and prospecting to increase traffic and ultimately, close the sale. We are confident after years of selling homes, evaluating techniques, and aggressively spending on our clients’ advertising. Our plan works!

How does the program work?

We provide a written guarantee we will buy your home if we do not sell it at an acceptable price. While this has some limitations and is not available under all circumstances, the goal is to sell it for its highest value as determined by current market conditions.
The guaranteed sale program is available to ensure all parties enter the marketing process with the same expectations. The upside for the seller is you will receive any benefits if your home sells for a greater price than guaranteed.

How is this beneficial?

You will always know your bottom line – no matter what. Meaning if you want to place a quick offer on a desired home, you can do it with confidence. Plus, if you’re not happy, you are under no financial obligation.

Am I required to participate?

Certainly not! We understand many of our clients ultimately prefer our listing program, but still inquire regarding their guaranteed price.

How do you determine my price?

Price is a crucial element that deserves an in-depth examination. First, we physically evaluate your property, and then analyze the current market in detail. Then, before we commence with marketing your property, we present our suggestions and findings to you.

What is the current market value of my home?

We’ll let you know for free! Simply complete the form below and you’ll receive a quick response.

* Limitations and conditions apply with all Guaranteed Sale offerings.

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